Birds of Passage - This Kindly Slumber

Birds of Passage is an ambient/dream pop project by singer-songwriter Alicia Merz from Waikato, New Zealand. This music of Birds of Passage is full of heartfelt emotions where the only notes played are the most essential ones. This Kindly Slumber is minimal ambient/drone made amicable by a woman's gentle voice and not much else going on  Can that really be enough? 

The music lets you forget all about the noisy masses of humanity, at least for a while. Imagine an unpolluted land, its only inhabitant a woman whispering reassuring words to wayward winds...words that'll make snow-clad pines salute with delicate gestures and squirrels straighten up just to add a few words of their own, smiling and nodding to each other as if the day's work is done. Or imagine walking under the false dawn, flying over mountains, laying on fresh clay or hiding in secret caverns of another's all up to you after all.

This Kindly Slumber evokes simplicity and leaves it to you to draw so much from so little, not that the music has nothing to say for its own, the sense of immersion is otherworldly and there's nothing to soil the pure atmosphere it creates. Birds of Passage understands ambient music better than many musicians who do the same. Although the music is linear throughout the album with little to no upbeat tunes, it's such an spectacular experience that you're likely to come back for countless listens. This is one of the surprises of the year for me, a pleasant little thing to listen to over and over again. 

Listen to the album in its entirely on the Denovali Records webpage.