Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Piano Nights

Do you like music that bleeds emotion without saying a word? Do you ever find yourself comforted in the dark atmosphere of Twin Peaks and other film noir soundtracks? I do and that’s why I’m so engrossed with Piano Nights.

Some categorize the music of Bohren & Der Club of Gore as “doom jazz” or “dark jazz” along side the aptly named contemporary band The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Doom jazz is an interesting way to describe Piano Nights due to the hauntingly slow tempos similar to the aesthetic of doom metal. These slow tempos make listeners anticipate each note and yearn for their melodic conclusions. Meanwhile the minimal jazz arrangements and smoky atmosphere evokes a kind of somber yet uplifting mood that could be compared to works of Miles Davis and Stars of the Lid in the same breath.

Piano Nights is the eight album by Bohren & Der Club of Gore, but the first one I’ve heard in its entirety. Therefore I cannot offer a comparison to their earlier albums. But with musical cues from Angelo Badalamenti, Brian Eno, and again Miles Davis, Piano Nights is a perfect late night record for those into gloomy minimal music.

Listen to the entire album via the following YouTube video.