Crib45 - Marching Through The Borderlines

Almost two years ago, I found an album on the internet and it was, in many ways, life-changing. It was atmospheric, haunting, and crushingly majestic. It sort of fell within the same box as established acts like Cult of Luna, ISIS, Neurosis and so on, but also with something new added to the mix. That album was Metamorphosis by a band named Crib45, hailing from Finland. It is and will always be, one of my personal favorite albums.

On their new album Marching Through The Borderlines, Crib45 have gone with a harder sound. The clean vocals have been reduced and the emphasis has been put on experimenting with multi-layered structures and catchy melodies. One noticeable addition is the presence of keyboards and samples, which work really well as a full-fledged excursion (like the industrial track "Towards Perdition") and as underlying diversions throughout the album. 

In recording Marching Through The Borderlines, our lovely Finnish crew has done more than just crescendo-based post-metal passages. They've added saxophone and other unexpected textures to the sonic palette. After a four year gap, Crib45 successfully left the past behind and rewarded their fans with one heck of an album. 

The Finnish magazine Soundi has released an exclusive preview of their album. Alternatively, you can check out the single "Into The Abyss" on their official bandcamp page.