Destiny Potato - Lun

Can you take a band named Destiny Potato seriously? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because they make high-quality and unique prog metal and no, because they are in truth a pop band and their music is supposed to be fun, not life-changing. Check your pretensions at the entrance before stepping into the potato world, these guys know their prog metal and can perform the shit out of their instruments, but the vocal melodies are not much different from those few good hits on the radio. Listening to Lun is like being targeted by thrown hooks from eight different directions, all you can do is let the music snap you away.

It helps a lot to have a ridiculously creative potato as the mastermind, the name David Maxim Micic should already make sense to the devoted prog fans. If that's not the case for you, you better check out the Bilo trilogy from his solo project before listening to Lun. The guy is like yet another Devin Townsend personality that came into the world a little later than that lovely and bald package of innovation. Lun is lodestone to many music genres but for the most part it's djenty prog metal with prominent electro pop influences. The alluring and deceptive voice of Aleksandra Djelmas breathes life into this extravagant pop side, she has a huge range doing both clean vocals and screams and listening to her alone can prove to be an unprecedented experience, not to mention the chaotic music which is a poltergeist's happiest dream. 

Destiny Potato are a special band and accordingly every song here is a special one, from ear-popping heaviness to guilty-pleasure choruses you've got it all, but the important thing is it's not just random stuff piled up together, this music works as good as a freshly oiled sword, going right through your definition of progressive metal. 

You can stream the album below and buy on their bandcamp. Lots of potating awaits.