Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - The Talas of Satan

Hardcore ... Anal ... Hydrogen? Might as well name your band Djent Diarrhea Flagship or something like that! These musicians are mad as barking cats and they've created, without any doubt, the weirdest metal album I've heard this year. The moment this 22-minute-long album started, I had no choice to cover my face with both hands, shake my head in shame and disbelief, and control myself from falling into the abyss of insanity. What in all the gods' names is this music? The info sheet says experimental ethnic metal, and even though I'm not a fan of creating genres like ethnic metal out of thin air, I must say it's very close to what these guys play. 

If a tribal people were armed with plasma guns, had three-headed jaguars as pets, worshiped Stanley Kubrick as the one god, and had legitimate knowledge of a parallel universe ruled by human-sized talking frogs, this music would still be a little weirder than their bonfire songs. There are many genres being played here, most of it you can label as avant-garde metal, but you can also expect experimental trance, Tom and Jerry music, or the band's dominant ethnic soundscapes, among other things. It may be easy to throw a load of different genres in your music, but to make sense of it all...that's tricky. These guys play the dangerous game and win at it. The Talas of Satan is extremely fun, the songwriting is genius and the only problem is that it ends too soon. I really wanted more when it ended but I also couldn't feel more satisfied. 

This is a lot like listening to Igorrr but Harcore Anal Hydrogen are much more closer to metal, and instead of Igorrr's baroque-core madness, we have some Amazonian stuff being played here. For those of you who enjoy Kraaaazyyyy!!! music, this is the album for you. And next time someone tells you musicians are just normal people, kindly point them to The Talas of Satan and utter the most ancient saying of all: bitch please! 

The Talas of Satan will be released on April 1st, but it can pre-ordered now on their Bandcamp page. Listen below!