Merkabah - Moloch

"Saxophone motherfucker!" This could be all I have to say about this album. Merkabah (from Poland) create avant-garde metal, but I don't like to call it instrumental because the saxophone speaks...we just don't understand the language. Moloch is an open-minded metal fan's heaven as it cooks a meal out of genres like post-hardcore, progressive rock, and jazz all thrown in the metal cauldron. This music can put you on the defensive with its unrelenting assaults and simultaneously puzzle you out of your own skin, so blatant it is in its weirdness. 

Although Merkabah basically play the same thing for the whole duration of Moloch, the music is innovative enough not to require much variation from song to song. Each song is written with all the meticulousness of a sun-scorched penguin and the song structures would make the Lego masterpiece of a child-genius look like a roofless matchbox, but at the end of the day it's basically a proggy avant-metal kind of thing offering a lot of crazy saxophone. Regardless, it is damn enjoyable from start to finish. Maybe it's the lack of words that makes me not notice the transition between songs but I see Moloch as a whole, and I love every second of the thing. 

Moloch can be downloaded on a name your price basis on Merkabah's bandcamp. For the love of creativity, go and give it some well-deserved listens.