Morbus Chron - Sweven

Experimental death metal is nothing new, there always have been a bunch of brilliant bands to bring something new to the table. Recently bands like Diskord, Abyssal, or the better-known Portal have been marching forward with their banners of creativity held high, but Sweden's Morbus Chron manage to stand out even within the experimental/progressive death circle by including some good old thrash metal in their mix. 

What these guys do best is blur the line between old school and modern, and while their style is "progressive" as it gets, they don't forget to offer some fun along the way. Between all the changes in pace and the unveiling of many fresh ideas, you can find some seriously catchy riffs courtesy of the thrash metal I mentioned. Imagine this thrash metal or the sporadic death metal in the habit of meditation and taking time to ponder about the world, and you've got a good idea about how Sweven sounds. 

I can say this album has as much enjoyability and replay value as you can ask from a wholly-experimental metal album. Morbus Chron took the risk to release something extraordinary and somehow they've managed to create the space for the much needed flow. They may leave your pants dry and your jaw intact, but you can always come back for another listen to this amazing album.

Check out Noisey's stream of the album in full here: