Prevenge - Paramnesia

You've probably never heard of this surprisingly good one-man project called Prevenge because the band still hasn't suffered the mythical "big break" yet. This is hardly surprising given that Prevenge makes music just for the sake of making music. What I've heard previously from Prevenge consists of not-so-weird post metal and black metal. Although the black metal side is stronger on Paramnesia, Max Reff is still feeding his music with artistic nourishment and the album deviates enough from the black metal path not to make this another generic, useless record. In contrast, this is the definition of good stuff by black metal standards. 

Paramnesia is black metal just how I want it be, it shows enough teeth to be safely called black metal and it's enjoyable enough to make you feel comfortable with it. I don't ask questions like "when will it end?" or "why am I listening to this?" while listening to Paramnesia​. The album is like a welcome guest that I don't mind spending a few hours with, even though the album is barely above 45 minutes. Prevenge sounds better than ever because the music has grown on its own without making any efforts in perfecting it (or at least that's how I feel)...almost like the substructures of the mind solving problems that the conscious mind is too busy to do. 

Prevenge's black metal is non-linear, it values creativity and shows actual feelings. The guitar work is fantastic on Paramnesia; especially on the album closer Children of the Dark Root, which also features a crazy bass part and a speech by Robert Oppenheimer. The vocals manage to carry the intentions of every song across very well, while the musician seems to know when we've heard enough blasting and a post/prog break is needed. As I said, this is good stuff, listen for yourself below. 

The album is available on Prevenge's bandcamp on a name your price basis (including free).