Psygnosis - Human Be[ing]

The amount of weird shit coming out of France has been enough to put a food-posioned Godzilla's rearside to shame. Psygnosis is another mind-blowing French band that mixes death metal with ambient/electronic, black metal and industrial metal. Sounds like a genre clusterfuck? It isn't. These guys may have many influences but they are no strangers to consistency. Human Be[ing] constantly drums on the brittle surfaces of normality and for all its moments of insanity it remains strangely understandable. 

If Massive Attack played death metal they would probably sound like Psygnosis, add the unholy atmosphere of Deathspell Omega and Human Be[ing] will start to make sense. This is in no way a standard death metal album with endless riffs and blasting drums. Human Be[ing] is the band's message to the world, each paragraph written with suitable tone. Seething like a sea of fire or calm as a sleeping child, it hardly matters, the message gets through because it's brilliant, profound and the farthest thing from waste of time. The vocals are usually death growls, but what piqued my interest was the spoken words that makes you want to do something other than just sit there and listen to music...and that "something" ranges from going outside and inviting people to rebel against the government or I don't know... finding a limp dog a nice mate or maybe teaching a robot to say "go to hell" in 17 different languages.  

Heartsick cello, random Mortal Kombat phrases (I'm serious), crazy electronic stuff, unheard tunes...these things appear in the midst of the clever death metal and make it even more clever. This is a work so ambitious and so wonderfully done that leaves only one possible response from me: listening the shit out of it. Give it a listen here and see if you feel the same. Human Be[ing] can be downloaded via their bandcamp page at your own price (including free).