Road Home Heralds a New Era for Scott Kelly

Road Home show flyter

Recently, Scott Kelly fans have been abuzz with the announcement that his band Road Home has cemented a permanent lineup. Road Home was founded as a Neurosis side project (formerly Scott Kelly and the Road Home) but the addition of Neurosis band mate Noah Landis and Munly J. Munly (Slim Cessnas Auto Club) has signaled the beginning of a new era for the act.   

Similar to Neurosis, Road Home is characterized by a dense gloomy crawl with an underlying brooding intensity. Yet, what makes Road Home so remarkable is they are able to achieve this effect through utilizing intricate acoustic compositions. Kelly’s singing and lyrics are far more vulnerable and personal than one might expect from a Neurosis album, but the strong musicianship from Landis and Munly propels Road Home far beyond the status of a simple Scott Kelly side project. Guitar, autoharp and electronic sounds have been seamlessly blended, making Road Home a force to be reckoned with. Fans of Neurosis’ progressive inclinations and artistic arrangements will appreciate Road Home’s dark folk aesthetic.

Road Home have recently embarked upon a tour to debut the evolution of their sound. In Los Angeles, they played a show at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. The night opened with an art show, followed by a sitting meditation led by Noah Levine and the delightful latin folk of Alma Sangre. Although a Buddhist meditation center might seem like an unlikely venue for a show full of doom metal fans, Road Home fit right in. Beginning the night with a silent meditation likely introduced some metal fans to meditation for the first time, but the inclusion of meditation to the event did not seem awkward or disjointed. The night was full of good spirits and Road Home’s performance was spellbinding.