Terminatryx - Shadow

Six years after their debut self-titled album and twelve years into their career, the South African industrial rock/metal band Terminatryx are back with a new full-length album. Shadow shows how female-fronted industrial metal can be done without opting for a commercial sound. If you expect pop tunes and sing-along songs, look elsewhere. Despite the massive use of programming and synths, Terminatryx's music is surprisingly soulful and sincere. 

Teminatryx definitely have their own style with a broad range of musical ideas and lyrical diversity. Fans of Neurotech should find some familiar patterns on Shadow but there's a lot more to enjoy. The hard hitting guitars and drums are the backbone of the music but they almost sound mundane compared to the untiring orgy of strange computerized tunes. The music is a fascinating human/machine hybrid and sometimes there's also a hidden symphonic edge between the lines which makes this a lot more serious than the likes of KMFDM having fun with the industrial rock genre. 

In addition to the impressive and ambitious music, Terminatryx also have interesting lyrics. For all the alien sounds, Shadow is about human emotions and the ever unstable soul. Regrettable decisions, one-way paths to dissolution and character flaws, these might not strike people as revolutionary topics but in every mind they are like blood waiting to converge to a superficial wound, as they do here any chance they get. Terminatryx look down the memory path from different directions, Medusa adds some mythology to the mix, while Gone is a song about simple relationships, except they're not so simple. 

I enjoyed Shadow in its whole, but I gotta say the title-track is all kinds of awesome, there's also a special song called Outcast featuring Draconian's Heike Langhans and some brilliant violin. You can stream/buy the album on Terminaytrix's bandcampAlso head over to their youtube channel for some visual goodness.